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Kivvi Cosmetics

Kivvi Cosmetics provides top-quality natural and certified cosmetics, inspired by Northern nature and based on science.

Founded and based in Latvia, Kivvi Cosmetics draws on its rich and inspiring Northern surroundings to share the heritage of its ancestors with the world. 

Northern Europeans have historically valued the power of nature’s bounty - plants and herbs from the forests of Latvia have held a well-deserved place in folk medicine for thousands of years.

Kivvi PRODUCTS only contain certified biodynamic organic ingredients. Handmade ranges of skincare and body care products allow you to find the perfect fit for your specific skin type.

Kivvi products inspire harmony and peace while gently pampering your skin. With Kivvi products, you can enrich your skin with the energy of different seasons all year long. Packed with nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals straight from the nature, Kivvi Cosmetics skincare truly feeds your skin.

At Kivvi they never test on animals and we Kivvi do not include any animal-derived ingredients, therefore Kivvi is suitable for VEGANS.

We believe in sustainability and choose Mega airless packaging designed to protect the formulas from bacteria. It is also fully recyclable in conformity with EcoCert, NaTrue and other international labels. 

Kivvi believe transparency is the only way to raise the consumer awareness. Therefore, Kivvi is proud of the extra green mile they go seeking for external certification. Their products are CERTIFIED ORGANIC by EcoCert and Cosmos international certifications.

Kiwi Cosmetics NEVER USES artificial coloring, preservatives, phthalates, synthetics, mineral substances, oil refinery products, GMOs, parabens, chemicals, or any other toxic substances. Kivvi Comsetic homepage

Waku Organics

Waku Organics on luonnonkosmetiikan maahantuoja ja palveleva verkkokauppa kuluttajille ja ammattilaisille.
Valikoimastamme löydät laadukkaita sertifioituja tuotteita kuluttajille ja kauneuden ammattilaisille.  

  • Aubrey GPB kosteuttava proteiinihoitoainen 325ml
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  • Radico Colour Me Organic Dark Brown kasviväri tummanruskea 100g
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  • Radico Colour Me Organic Soft Black kasviväri kevyt musta 100g
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  • Radico Colour Me Organic Brown kasviväri ruskea 100g
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  • Radico Colour Me Organic Wine Red luonnonmukainen kasviväri / hiusväri viininpunainen 100g
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  • Radico Colour Me Organic Auburn Red kasviväri kastanjapunainen 100g
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  • Radico Colour Me Organic Golden Blonde kasviväri kultablondi 100g
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